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the elusive art of rug layering

Have you ever found what you thought was the perfect thing, until you realized it wasn’t, but you could not let go of it?  I feel like this may be a metaphor for a lot of things in life… But, in this case, I’m talking about an area rug. First, I bought an 8×10 that […]

Mod and Blush

I watched the Guy Ritchie film The Man From U.N.C.L.E. while I was snowed-in over the weekend.  Entertaining movie, lots of eye candy in Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, but my favorite part was the fashion!  Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Debicki killed the 60’s fashion.  Set during the Cold War, the heroine and villainess dressed in awesome […]

house hunt – episode 2

So two Fridays ago I was perusing Redfin when I saw it — an adorable little Cape Cod house with tan siding and a red door.  I thought about it, and sent it to Nick.  Two hours later, he calls me, telling me we need to see a house this weekend because it is adorable. […]

the coffee table book

When you are perusing Pinterest for inspiration, glancing over people’s interiors and looking at all their details, do you ever get major book envy? Well, I do.  I stare at my coffee table and then back to the screen, trying to figure out if I should ditch the tray/cactus/candle formula and move on to a […]

friday favorites

I bought these flowers almost a week ago and they have been seriously holding up!  The orange and yellow safflower and blue thistles were too pretty to pass up.  That, and of course the silver dollar eucalyptus.  I still have such a crush on that foliage.  It’s that mix of bright warm tones against the […]

ladder finding

I have a big secret.  My name is Ray, and I will stop and take something out of someone’s trash if I think it is cool.  Case in point, a dirty, somewhat-falling-apart, paint-splatter/partly stained wood ladder.  Don’t worry, I quickly looked it over to see if there were any visible bugs or rotting areas.  None! […]

welcome [to my] home – update!

After way too many house searching online for the perfect accessories, my door is finally “dressed!”  Gone are the days of being basic, aka- Sad door.