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house reno: basement episode 2

House update: the cabinets were totally disassembled, half my cooking supplies were on the dining room table, the basement was barren and weeds were making their way through the garden, it was complete chaos! OK, drama aside, we’ve got so many things done already on the house. I am so excited seeing it all come together!  So far we’ve… […]

[gold] mirror mirror on the wall

So do you remember when I confessed my love for my Ikea Grundtal mirror here?  When we moved, our bedroom felt way too symmetrical for mirrors above our matching dressers or matching nightstands…too matchy-matchy.  I knew I had to use them somewhere else.  One found an easy home in the basement bathroom.  The other, though, […]

home reno: basement episode 1

As soon as we knew we knew the house was going to be ours, we brought in a contractor to take a look.  There were a few items in the house I knew I just could not deal living with.  Some I could tackle.  For others, it was time to bring in the big [pro] […]

one glass craft – wrap choker

Have you seen chokers popping up, like, everywhere?  Hellooo, 90’s! There’s this one at Nasty Gal: via Nasty Gal here Sincerely Jules wearing this one: via Sincerely Jules here Mary Orton of Memorandum here: via Memorandum here And honestly, the Gigi/Kendall/random other gorgeous models and starlets gang have also been sporting them which made me […]

cross your fingers

You guys…we found one, and it’s almost ours!  If it all goes through, I can’t wait to show you. I have so many plans for this place!  Until then, here’s a little peak at what may be our new love nest!

the mrs. box

So, I was married in 2014. I still feel like a newlywed, but alas, I know I am old news.  BUT, when the MRS box came out, I wanted in!  Sure I didn’t need it for my wedding day photos, but it would be such a nice heritage item!  But the price…I needed $100 for […]

them spiders

OK-quick post on those spiders! You need: Sculpey Clay Wire you can cut easily into 1″ to 1 1/2″ strips Scissors A round thing, like beads Black silver acrylic paint and paint brush First, take about a quarter-sized ball of clay.  Make a ball, then roll it down to more of a tube or 3D […]