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snow blinded outfit

So, I had no idea it was going to snow like it did over the weekend!  It’s still coming down, turning into sleet and ice, so this morning can’t be a good commute.  For now, this was my “running around town hoping I don’t slip into someones car or eat it on the sidewalk” look. […]

Mod and Blush

I watched the Guy Ritchie film The Man From U.N.C.L.E. while I was snowed-in over the weekend.  Entertaining movie, lots of eye candy in Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, but my favorite part was the fashion!  Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Debicki killed the 60’s fashion.  Set during the Cold War, the heroine and villainess dressed in awesome […]

business slick

Leather.  For work.  I swear I have a few coworkers who look at me like, girl, what you wearin?!  But ever since my sister gave me this leather shift I’ve loved pairing it with blazers and fur vests.  Surprisingly versatile!  With some choice accessories, it’s a chic ensemble.

red red wine

We have had the pleasure of celebrating many of our friend’s weddings and engagements this year.  We are so thankful to have such awesome people in our lives.  Of course, with weddings comes dressing up in fun dresses! I try to plan ahead for these occasions and search the ‘net or scour sales for outfits I […]

the neckerchief

You know when you see a trend and you think…ok, maybe I can pull it off? Then you try it and feel weird, but you know if you possibly try it a few more times you may feel more comfortable.  OK, I’m letting you in on that first uncomfortable try. 

i heart [holographic] nail polish

I’ll be honest: this is a pure, unadulterated love note to my newest favorite nail polish.  We’ll start from the beginning: I saw this picture of holographic nail polish on Pinterest: Image via here What is this holographic magic, and where can I find it?! So, a quick Google search later I realized holographic nails […]

dress like the boss

At my last firm, I had client meetings and project interviews every week; it was a very cool, but also stressful, part of being in a small firm.  Now in a larger firm, I typically spend more time designing and documenting our buildings.  But, when we had an opportunity to interview for a prestigious project […]