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bewitching the apartment

Call it needing another hobby or nesting, but I couldn’t resist adding some fall flair to our apartment.  I refused to spend more than about $30 for some decor; that ruled out buying more than three things from Home Goods! But with a little scavenging, copy paper and old frames, a few stops at the […]

feelin’ fall

It’s officially autumn!  No shame, I’ve had three pumpkin spiced lattes and already gone through two six-packs of Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead (by far my favorite, although I understand a few of you still insist on Southern Tier’s Pumking being best…you just have sweeter-liking tastebuds.  It’s OK, I’ll still be your friend.) I’ve gone through our holiday bins […]

classic ikea | the grundtal mirror

When it came to styling our bedroom, I knew I had to keep it simple.  First, it’s not a huge space.  Second, we have a lot of stuff, and the best way to keep a place from looking cluttered and small is to strategically and simply decorate, and use things to make our space look […]

baby blues

I was going to start this post off with light blue tones as a new “neutral” in home painting.  And, I’ll stick by that statement: it’s calming, cool, and a fresh take on gray as that had been the big neutral the last few years.  But once I started to pull a few light blue […]

bathroom redo

You know how your tastes change after a while?  Perhaps it’s not your taste, but you just need a change of scenery.  That was my bathroom.  I loved the shower curtain; it was simple, striped, neutral and a perfect mix of classic and contemporary.  It is still sold at West Elm here!  But I needed […]

waking up free

Hope you have a fun (and safe!) day celebrating the great red, white and blue!  Happy birthday USA!

americas best

Can we talk about some of the things that make American summers kind of awesome?  The 4th of July is this weekend…please enjoy some of the following to remind you of the joys of your youth.  Watermelon, sunglasses, bright colors, hot dogs, ice cream… If they were not the joys of your youth, it’s never […]