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cross your fingers

You guys…we found one, and it’s almost ours!  If it all goes through, I can’t wait to show you. I have so many plans for this place!  Until then, here’s a little peak at what may be our new love nest!

the mrs. box

So, I was married in 2014. I still feel like a newlywed, but alas, I know I am old news.  BUT, when the MRS box came out, I wanted in!  Sure I didn’t need it for my wedding day photos, but it would be such a nice heritage item!  But the price…I needed $100 for […]

house hunt episode 3 – the one that got away

Defeat.  Its a tough feeling.  But, it happens to us all, and I have a feeling we will all experience it while on the house hunt. This beauty went on the market in early December.  We had a crazy fun holiday season, but we were also getting ready to go down to Miami to see […]

them spiders

OK-quick post on those spiders! You need: Sculpey Clay Wire you can cut easily into 1″ to 1 1/2″ strips Scissors A round thing, like beads Black silver acrylic paint and paint brush First, take about a quarter-sized ball of clay.  Make a ball, then roll it down to more of a tube or 3D […]

shibori love

I’ve been eyeing the yard of white linen I bought to recover my dining chairs.  Yes, I always love some good white upholstery against stained wood frames.  But I’m at least considering a little tie-dying action using the shibori technique. Yeah, it’s trendy.  But I know I will at some point re-upholster with a sweet […]

the engagement box

My best friend just got back from Paris.  She brought back a few trinkets, some delicious cookies that had chocolate in the center (thank you, they are so gooood!), and a sparkler on a certain finger.  I am so freaking happy for them!  I may have had a notion they were getting engaged in Paris, […]

hand written

There is huge skill and artistry involved in hand-painted signage.  The scale, colors, precision, composition…often with very little technology involved, other than the painter’s hands.  In Arlington, although a city, you still see glimpses of this dying craft. I’ve tried to master this, but I’ve found it’s a whole lot easier when you use technology. […]