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brass brass baby

Back to the kitchen.  Once we I decided we were going to use brass as a big accent throughout the house, I knew we had to find some good hardware.  It seems like all the interior designers I love out there say, “hardware is jewelry for the kitchen!” And, yes, I agree, but it’s more.  It […]

[gold] mirror mirror on the wall

So do you remember when I confessed my love for my Ikea Grundtal mirror here?  When we moved, our bedroom felt way too symmetrical for mirrors above our matching dressers or matching nightstands…too matchy-matchy.  I knew I had to use them somewhere else.  One found an easy home in the basement bathroom.  The other, though, […]

home reno: basement episode 1

As soon as we knew we knew the house was going to be ours, we brought in a contractor to take a look.  There were a few items in the house I knew I just could not deal living with.  Some I could tackle.  For others, it was time to bring in the big [pro] […]

one glass craft – wrap choker

Have you seen chokers popping up, like, everywhere?  Hellooo, 90’s! There’s this one at Nasty Gal: via Nasty Gal here Sincerely Jules wearing this one: via Sincerely Jules here Mary Orton of Memorandum here: via Memorandum here And honestly, the Gigi/Kendall/random other gorgeous models and starlets gang have also been sporting them which made me […]

the “before” house tour

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least!  We signed the papers and closed on our dream “starter home,” painted a whole bunch that weekend, packed up the apartment and moved in on Thursday [with the help of my wonderful in-laws], unpacked and organized throughout the next week until my parents […]

exterior updates

Monday evening we had a best feeling…after signing paper after paper, after paper, we were handed the keys to our house!!!  It was so cool going back to the house afterward, 6-pack in hand, and cheers-ing to being official home owners! Now, the fun begins…. Even before our offer was accepted, when we talked about […]

fast, and [kind of] healthy

My girl friends and I are always talking about how it’s tough to work hard, play hard, be a good friend/girlfriend/wife/sister/daughter/coworker, stay actually connected to everyone…and on top of it, eat healthy.  So, we did a quick round of recipe swap.  I shared my oh-so-simple seared wasabi and sesame tuna, but this is another favorite […]