much-needed bedroom love

So, as elated as we were when we found out we were pregnant, we also had an “oh sh*t!” moment.  Half our clothing was being kept in the guest bedroom, which was soon to be transformed into a nursery.  So, we finally had to focus on our room.

Our bedroom looked decent in the old apartment.  It looked like we were Ikea frequent shoppers, but no shame in that!  Sadly, the proportions of much of the furniture and was just not working.  And the bedding…dated? Never really in style?  It was rough.  Take a look.IMG_0550 (2)IMG_0551IMG_0552

So, I set off for inspiration. Here’s what I looked at:

Amber-Interiors-Client-Freakin-Fabulous-Neustadt-24.jpg 800×551 pixels:

via here

Injiri Floor Cushion – Shoppe by Amber Interiors:

via here

Hightlighting aerial beach photography today on the blog!  Love this one from @amberinteriors. More images + picks on 📷 @tessaneustadt  #Regram via @beckiowens:

via here

bedroom inspo

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I know I had to keep the majority of our furniture (we are in the midst of buying baby stuff…bye bye money!) so I mocked up a few schemes.  We ended up going with a mix, but here’s the start of the process!

Bedroom Ideas image 1_Page_1

Bedroom Ideas image 1_Page_2

Bedroom Ideas image 1_Page_3

Have a favorite?  Let me know!

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