finally…the kitchen

Yeah, it only took me seven months to finally reveal this…ready yet?!  Kidding.  A whirlwind Fall season, the addition of a wonderful pup and the fact that we are expecting definitely hindered my opportunities to blog.  But, a new laptop and some fun projects [nursery!] has me itching to share what’s been going on.  So first, here’s the kitchen!

Kitchen and Christmas Pictures 014 edited

I researched all over for the perfect cabinet paint.  This, my friends, is it!  Insl-X Cabinet Coat Trim & Cabinet Enamel.  It’s the perfect shade of white, and has proven very durable the last eight months.  I dinged a small part on the top of one of the cabinet doors, and only a tiny bit of paint came off.  Easy to dab a bit on a cover that spot in no time! It is a great self-leveling paint, so the key was to apply a coat…and wait.  No touching for a day at least!

Kitchen and Christmas Pictures 002 edited

First, I took all the cabinet doors off.  I put a piece of masking tape on the back of each door and in the cabinet box, labeling them with the same number so I would know where each door went!  It’s smart to do this with the hardware if you are reusing it as well, but I was using all new hinges and pulls so no need for me. Our cabinets were a cream color before, but the paint was a latex that was slightly sticky.  I quickly learned that sanding was not a good idea! After taking off the doors, I used a de-glossing spray on the cabinets, wiped them down, and then [with the help of some loving friends and family members] painted two coats of paint.

Kitchen and Christmas Pictures 009 edited

Kitchen and Christmas Pictures 018

The cabinet pulls were my favorite part.  They were a pain to install, but my patient mother in law spent a day with me and my level and got these babies hung.  I went with the Lews Round Barr Pull in various lengths.  Find them here.

Kitchen and Christmas Pictures 015 edited

Overall, unless we gutted the whole back of the house and started from scratch, I couldn’t be happier with the way the kitchen turned out.  And, you can see how it ties in with the chandelier and frames in the dining room!  Gotta love that flow…

Kitchen and Christmas Pictures 021

Thanks for looking! xoxo, Ray

Cabinet paint | De-glossing Spray | Rug similar here or here | Cabinet pulls | Chandelier from West Elm | Frames from West Elm | Marble utensil holder [really wine cooler] from Crate and Barrel| Salt and Pepper grinders here | cutting boards here and here

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