house reno: basement episode 2

House update: the cabinets were totally disassembled, half my cooking supplies were on the dining room table, the basement was barren and weeds were making their way through the garden, it was complete chaos!

OK, drama aside, we’ve got so many things done already on the house. I am so excited seeing it all come together!  So far we’ve…

Painted 75% of the house interior

Dug up the bamboo and kudzu vine in the backyard

Planted ornamental grasses that will hopefully take up root space and help eliminate the bamboo and kudzu

Took off the ratty awning over the front door, the faded shutters and the flimsy mailbox and old numbers (which I saved for nostalgia’s sake)

Put up awesome black shutters, a new mailbox, new planter and beautiful modern brass house numbers

Replanted the front yard with gardenia bushes, mini holly and dianthus

Replaced the ugly fan with an awesome chandelier in the dining room

Refinished the basement with vinyl wood flooring, made our dream closet and separated the awkward laundry/bathroom situation

Tiled the kitchen backsplash

And I just finished repainting the kitchen cabinets (along with some very welcome help from family and friends)!

Deep breath.

I want to show it all in bite-size increments, so for now let’s start where I left off, in the basement!

Our House Updates 024

The basement became a blank slate for furniture.  We ordered a couch here (Bob’s Discount Furniture…don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, it was the largest that could fit down the stairs!) and I bought this chair from World Market and a multi-neutral-colored shag rug from Ross (seriously, go there if you need random housewares, the 5×7 rug was $39.99!)

Our House Updates 041

I realized I needed to shop on a budget down in the basement as I have a feeling it will take some abuse being the more “loungey” area of the house, and things will get spilled on or messed up (especially once we get a dog!).  I’ll probably be replacing pieces throughout the years, or just not care about them.  So, when it came time for a coffee table piece I really wanted a DIY ottoman project.  Something like…

via Little Green Notebook

So, I started going to the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores around the area.  But then, I found a piece I actually liked…at $27 baby!  So, that upholstered DIY coffee table ottoman thing will wait until these nesting tables are smashed.

basement details 002

Although I would have loved to find some good art pieces to hang above the couch, Nick had the perfect “artwork.” The pillows we brought from our apartment, a vintage kilim and good ole’ Target find.

IMG_1029 (1)

basement details 001

I thought about making a floating credenza like this guy from A House in the Hills (bottom of her post), but when I stumbled upon this funky crate thing for $20 at Burlington Coat Factory, I had to try it out! It is probably supposed to go in a mudroom so people can hang coats on those little hooks at the bottom.  Maybe I’ll clip them off.  Or not.

It is awesome having a huge area to store our clothes and shoes, and NO ONE can tell we are hoarding so much behind those doors. They are mesmerized by the barn doors…all an illusion tactic.  I still debate whether or not I’ll put hardware on the doors, but For now they are great.

basement details 003

I promise, I also let Nick use the closet. Proof:

basement details 005


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