black, white, and mixed metals

When we moved into our house, all I saw was a livable, welcoming space with lots of light and wood floors.  After we looked a little closer, as you now know, there were a few things we needed to change.  This one, the kitchen cabinet color.  I swear, when I first saw them they looked white:


This looks white, right?!  Also, note the knobs in the middle of the cabinet doors.  What’s with that?

But the second time, I realized they were really more of a cream/off-white. When we moved in and painted the walls, I hoped the lighter gray color would help, but it did not (see how white the marble is compared to the cabinets?)


So, I’ll paint them to match the nice bright white trim.  Which means I will have to take off the pulls and hinges.  Which means I have the opportunity to fill the holes made by the oddly-placed knobs, and find new ones.  Heck yeah!

We’ve already talked about how much I dig the brushed brass/gold look for this house.  But, I already have stainless and black-colored appliances that we are not replacing, as well as the black granite that I like more and more (it has little amber flecks in it that sparkle, and I cannot resist a little sparkle).  Can I mix and match the stainless/black/white with brass? Exhibits, please:

via Veranda Interiors…good stuff here, guys!

White subway. Black grout. Kitchen backsplash.:

I love how graphic the dark grout is against the tile! Wish I could find the original link, via Pinterest

Wood Kitchen Shelves with Brass Brackets

via decorpad

via StyleMePretty

Elizabeth Lawson Design | Photo by Jennifer Hughes Photography:

via Elizabeth Lawson Designs

Kitchen Styling || Studio McGee

via Studio McGee

According to these kitchens, yes!  It seems like as long as some of the colors are present within each other, like the black of a knob relating to the black counter top or cabinet, it works.  We could also go with black pulls, but it’s nice to know I we have options!  Still torn on those two-tone kitchens white the white cabinets on top and black on the bottom.  Too trendy maybe?  But dang, they look good.

All these back splashes look amazing.  Which also means I want that, too.  Stay tuned!

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