[gold] mirror mirror on the wall

So do you remember when I confessed my love for my Ikea Grundtal mirror here?  When we moved, our bedroom felt way too symmetrical for mirrors above our matching dressers or matching nightstands…too matchy-matchy.  I knew I had to use them somewhere else.  One found an easy home in the basement bathroom.  The other, though, I had plans for!

I feel like just about anyone with an eye for design falls for this inspiration picture:

another bench/mirrror combo:

via Amber Interiors here

Let’s back up a second; I feel so crazy falling for all this modern gold hardware, but isn’t it a breath of fresh air?  I’ve specified numerous stainless steel switch plates, accessories, pulls, window mullions [more like a brushed aluminum, but still] and, of course, appliances for the last 10 years or so that people have trusted me to pick their hardware. But now, I can’t help veering toward the warmth of gold.  So, for our little house, I decided to have some fun!

First, I loved this mirror, but I think it was sold out as soon as it hit Target stores:

via Target, check to see if it’s at your local store!

This is a beaut, and it’s huge!  43″ diameter huge…damn I want this! Find here

I would have loved to search for a really large one like Amber’s design [or the second one, above], but I actually have no wall large enough for something like that!  So, this is when I looked at my poor little stainless Grundtal I was not using.

Engagement Party, Robinson House, 5037, Choker 070

I taped all the interior of the mirror with Frog tape (ask for it at Home Depot or Lowes, best stuff around), trying to get under the stainless “lip” that holds the mirror plate in place.  If you do not press your tape down, you can secure plastic bags to the sticky side of the tape and lay them across the mirror to cover the reflective surface.  Much easier than taping all the reflective surface, or having to scrape off over-spray.

sprayed mirror

Annoyingly, it started raining so I had to wait another day.  When I did get to spray, first I did the back side, waited about 40 minutes, then I did the front.  This way I could re-spray any finish edges and get the best finish for the most-looked at side of the mirror.

I used Rustoleum’s Metallic Gold, bought from Home Depot

After another hour, it was go time!  I think you are supposed to wait 24 hours for it to fully cure, but I was impatient [and I really did not over-spray the crap out of it, just light layers from about 12-16 inches away].


Living Room Gold Mirror

living and dining with mirror

[Gold mirror on point…now if I can only get that dining room fan down…!!!]

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