the elusive art of rug layering

Have you ever found what you thought was the perfect thing, until you realized it wasn’t, but you could not let go of it?  I feel like this may be a metaphor for a lot of things in life… But, in this case, I’m talking about an area rug.

First, I bought an 8×10 that looks very much like the Moroccan shag carpets everyone has…a warm white with gray diamonds.  I knew it was very current/typical/at the risk of being basic, but I did not care.  Then, I realized my house is tiny and an 8×10 rug is HUGE in our little living room.  So that rug now happily lives in the disaster that is our bedroom and the real search for the perfect rug began.  I gave myself silly guidelines…look for somewhat geometric, neutral, maybe globally-inspired, max width 8 feet and max  length 9 feet.  It wasn’t a week until I ran into it in all it’s glory…neutral, a bit of a pattern, 5×8, little bits of navy blue and the same gray on our walls.  I fell hard for it!

Until I brought it home and it looks too small! But, I’m determined.  Have you seen the rug layering look?  Yes? No? Well, it’s a thing.  Here are a few examples I’m finding inspiration from:

Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung Living Room

Jamie Chung’s living room via decorist

Studio McGee's Latest Before/After

via Studio McGee 

bohemian style interiors

via Camille Styles

With the groundwork laid, Lewis did a remarkable job of bringing the space to life with a curated selection of the Anderson’s personal mementos and vintage music memorabilia. To the blind...

via My Domaine by Amber Interiors

via StyleMePretty by Homepolish for Fashiontoast’s Rumi Neely

So, I think I just need a good jute or sisal, right?  Here’s what I’ve found:

Safavieh Hand-woven Sisal Natural/ Beige Seagrass Rug (8' Square)

Overstock Sisal 8×8, $139 here

Safavieh Hand-Woven Natural Fiber Natural Accents Thick Jute Rug (9' Square)

Overstock Jute 9×9, $263 here

Diamond Jute Area Rug

Home Decorator’s Jute 8×8, $249 here

Coastal Area Rug

Home Decorator’s Wool and Jute 8×8, $429 here [this guys was half off when I pinned it, so chances are it will go on sale again!]

And the possible winner:

Saddlestitch All-Weather Area Rug

Home Decorator’s synthetic (don’t judge) sisal 8.5×8.5, $199 here.  The rug would only protrude 3 inches on each side, which would keep the walk-way to the dining room completely clear.  Can’t wait to show you how this all turns out!

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