exterior updates

Monday evening we had a best feeling…after signing paper after paper, after paper, we were handed the keys to our house!!!  It was so cool going back to the house afterward, 6-pack in hand, and cheers-ing to being official home owners!

Now, the fun begins….

Even before our offer was accepted, when we talked about getting the house we both thought it would look really great if it had a few exterior upgrades.  We’ve been loving the painted brick look and darker shades of gray for a while, but we definitely started to notice them more once our offer was accepted!  So, I show you some “case studies” (aka-me being creepy and taking pictures of houses whose color schemes I was feeling…)

blue gray housedark dark blue graygray houselight gray houselight gray painted brickmodern gray

So many awesome shades…I really hope no one alerted neighborhood watch while I was driving by gawking.

So, let’s hope we can join the cool color gang.

House Comparison

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