the mrs. box

So, I was married in 2014. I still feel like a newlywed, but alas, I know I am old news.  BUT, when the MRS box came out, I wanted in!  Sure I didn’t need it for my wedding day photos, but it would be such a nice heritage item!  But the price…I needed $100 for more pressing matters.  So, I found a DIY!  Go on over and see how I did it here.

December 2015 - January 2016 092

Ring Holder and house 008

Just some chip board cardboard, velvet ribbon and grosgrain ribbon of about the same color…

And then, let me tell you, just go ahead and splurge on the actual thing.  THIS WAS THE HARDEST DIY I EVER DID! And I just finished reupholstering 6 chairs…those were a piece of CAKE compared to this little box!

Go ahead and splurge on the real thing here (and realize how good those look in comparison to mine…)!


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  1. Love this and really love the honesty 😀 xxx


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