house hunt episode 3 – the one that got away

Defeat.  Its a tough feeling.  But, it happens to us all, and I have a feeling we will all experience it while on the house hunt.

This beauty went on the market in early December.  We had a crazy fun holiday season, but we were also getting ready to go down to Miami to see my family, so we decided we would see this house as soon as we got back to Virginia.  We got in touch with our agent and the Tuesday before New Years, we drove up to this classic Arlington Colonial.  And got the news.


I guess I’m a glutton for punishment so we still toured it.  I don’t think I took as many pictures as I would have, but I still got a few keys pictures.

The front would need new column covers, painted white, at the side porch, and new exterior lighting and house numbers.  I’d replace the shutters and paint them charcoal grey or white or black, depending on if we would have painted the brick (hubs loves some painted brick, it cracks me up.) And, with a great stained door, like this:

Craftsman PVC porch column wraps. PVC material is maintenance free.

Image via here

Welcome inside:


living room


dining room

I know i’s cosmetic, but i love this warm dark grey they painted the walls!  Someone looked up Benjamin Moore’s favorite colors!  The warm wood floors glowed against the color, and the white trim looked so crisp! So many feelings.  The dining room furniture we inherited from my grandparents that my mom used while she was growing up, and it has the original brass pulls on the china hutch and credenza.  I envisioned installing a chandelier that would tie my modern taste and these details together, like this guy:

AG Hom Chan Geo 9 Light Look Drum Chandelier:

via Allmodern

And can’t you envision the space with furniture, like these interiors?

A Modernized Charmer For Creatives in Pennsylvania | Design*Sponge:  

Image via DesignSponge

13 Gray Rooms That Will Completely Change The Way To Look At This Color (PHOTOS):

Image via Architectural Digest

The kitchen…


No, it was not spectacular by any means.  But, what if we just painted the cabinets white, replaced the hardware and put in butcher block counter tops?!  I mean, tell me this does not look cool:

cabin kitchen // smitten studio

Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel in her cabin, which was the bomb renovation!

I could have easily sanded and painted that tiny kitchen until a bigger renovation and addition was in order (like, 7 years down the road, when we would have enough money to do a renovation like that!)  I estimate it would have been about $300 to repaint and get new hardware, another $200 for wood, and I would need a saw to cut the wood…so, it would get pricey, but I could redo the kitchen aesthetics for under $1000.  Not bad.  I would want new appliances, but those could be replaced in time.


the bathroom…dun dun duuuhhhh

Yeah, it sucked.  I have no idea what I would have done in the beginning, other than just living with it.  Maybe this shower curtain would make that blue, light blue and black tiled disaster look cool:

via H&M here, on sale!

[I know I’m not kidding anyone, I would just have to DIY that ish and learn how to re-tile a bathroom.  I would recruit my friends and sisters.  Hilarity would ensue.]

The house was painted the nice dark grey throughout, and had charming feature like these:


Yes, it needed work, but it was in the perfect neighborhood, with great schools and a nice corner lot that could manage a nice addition.  You guys…I really dug it.  We still put in an offer.  I wonder if the agent laughed when he turned it down.

Since seeing this house we’ve seen a house on the same street [same model, a little more expensive, and not yet on the market] that I am keeping an eye on.  We also went on two Sundays of open house binges.  The first was fun…houses way in our budget that were gawd-awful, and houses above our budget that were alright, or gawd-awful (yay Arlington!)  But the second Sunday we saw two that got us thinking good thoughts.  Stay tuned, we may put an offer on one…




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