Wow, it’s been a while!  But, I’m back at it.  It’s been an amazing last few months full of big life events for me and my family, so during those times I love to live in the moment and BE PRESENT mentally and physically.  Among the highlights:

My sister got ENGAGED to an amazing guy we can’t wait to officially welcome to the family!  I had the honor of being asked to be her matron of honor, so be ready for me to share/ask about bachelorettes and engagement parties!

IMG_1436 (1)

The whole family [7 kids + 2 parents = 9 OF US] were all together for Christmas in Miami and it felt just like we were all kids again…all the great, good and the annoying of being under  one roof again.  Wouldn’t have had it any other way!




My other sister turned 20 so for a few short days, we were just two girls in our 20’s, having fun…

Two of my best friends/archi-sisters got engaged and I can’t wait to fly to California to celebrate and stand by their sides in September!  I’m going to put some serious mileage on my frequent flyer card!


I am on the team to renovate a classic building in the historic 16th Street Northwest district…it does not get more “DC” than this place!  Gorgeous and classic, and although I love me some modern everything, this building is keeping every once of its charm!



And, one of the big, momentous occasions in my life…I turned 30!  I did what any self-respecting 30-year-old would do: got a piercing, ate at my favorite restaurant with some of my favorite people and went with my friends to a drag queen brunch!  It was quite possibly the best breakfast I have ever experienced.  I’m not sharing pictures because, well, you need to experience Perry’s on your own!

Can’t wait to share more!

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