modern curb appeal

I’ve been doing that thing that every person obsessing about buying a home does: binge watch HGTV shows.  After a few commercials to register for their HGTV Dreamhouse, I pulled out the iPad and started to register…and then I saw this!

With a modern Austin farmhouse style, this simple home is as stylish as it is efficient. “It’s intended to be a very contemporary landscape,” explains the house planner Jack Thomasson. “It feels very contemporary, clean and simple.”:

Image via HGTV

The HGTV Smarthouse is just a little more my style.  Clean lines but with traditional proportions really won me over, as I see a major renovation of a little Arlington or Falls Church house in our future.  My aesthetic and design is decidedly modern, but I would never want to introduce a house into an existing neighborhood that does not fit in scale or feel.  Yes, I’ll probably have the most modern house on the block, but I have to think that from afar, you’d have no idea!

A few more that kill it:


Images via here

See how the details are a little more clean?  The stained doors, especially that garage door, really give the facade warmth.


Image via here

I have a major obsession with copper that started back in design school.  That volume is great; I’m guessing the volume hold a bathroom on both floors.  And that glass middle area connecting the two volumes…so nice.

Black Front Door:

Image via here

I love this inspiration picture because it focuses on just one part of the house, and this design could be transposed on other houses.  Think about those houses with the garage situated right in front.  Simply create a wall volume of brick or stone leading up to the door, and perhaps re-clad the house with more modern siding.  A simple covered walkway would tie the roof into the procession to the front door.

art deco modern / Killara House No. 3 by STUDIO [R] / via desire to inspire #modern ☮k☮ #architecture:

Image via here

Here, imagine taking a whole corner out of the house and create an indoor/outdoor eating area.  The designer used Nana Wall systems that retract to fully open the house to the outdoors!

Hope you’re inspired!

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