i heart [holographic] nail polish

I’ll be honest: this is a pure, unadulterated love note to my newest favorite nail polish.  We’ll start from the beginning: I saw this picture of holographic nail polish on Pinterest:

Holographic nails:

Image via here

What is this holographic magic, and where can I find it?!

So, a quick Google search later I realized holographic nails have a kind of cult following, and part of that obsession came from Chanel’s holographic nail polish that people kind of freak over.  Read it here.

Chanel's Holographic Nail Polish | @andwhatelse:

Image via here

So, I started my own quest for rainbow nails.  And, after [minimal] research I found a polish that looked, from the review pics, like it could compete with Chanel’s. The brand I Love Nail Polish [ILNP] has some amazing colors, but I honed in on ILNP’s Mega L.  It has a rainbow shine only my 7th grade self would love more.  I took a ton of pictures…in front of a gorgeous vintage Mustang.  Get your tween vibes on and enjoy!




Gorgeous, right?!


They have a bunch of other awesome colors, but buy this one here.  Next beauty tip will be frosted lips, blue eye shadow and butterfly clips.  J/K.  Maybe.

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