dress like the boss

At my last firm, I had client meetings and project interviews every week; it was a very cool, but also stressful, part of being in a small firm.  Now in a larger firm, I typically spend more time designing and documenting our buildings.  But, when we had an opportunity to interview for a prestigious project blocks from the White House, the boss people called in their big gun…me!

Hahaha, OK, I think they really had me come along because I’m enthusiastic and can talk…a lot, and on the fly.  Of course, I’m experienced and I was confident I could pull my weight during the interview, but it dawned on me that my “meeting wear” had become practically non-existent!  I rushed home the night I was asked to participate and immediately started pulling looks.

Option 1: The “Architect”

suits and fun stuff 004 suits and fun stuff 005So, black and white, minimalist jewelry and a sketch-pattern pant: I’d say this is as stereotypical as it gets.  I love this outfit.  But, it’s very similar to anything I would wear on a typical day.

Details: Loft pants [similar here or here] | white button-down shell [similar] | Clavin Klein faux suede jacket here or similar | Madewell gold necklace [similar]

Option 2: On trend

suits and fun stuff 009

suits and fun stuff 011

Culottes are back!  But, if you are like me, the last time I wore them was over 10 years ago, in college, they were jersey material and usually worn with one of my favorite Abercrombie or Hollister tight t-shirts or collared shirts.  Ugh…that was not the look.  Thankfully, I classed these up with a window-pane print shell, white slouchy jacket and pretty, eye-catching necklace.

Details: Gap cullotes here | similar white blazer here | Loft shell [similar or similar or similar] | Stella & Dot Sutton necklace here

Option 3: Bold choice, my friend

suits and fun stuff 006suits and fun stuff 007

Is it just me, or have you seen the blush/bordeaux color combo all over the place?  It’s the hit color partnership this fall.  I bought this Clavin Klein suit forever ago, and have been ITCHING to wear it.  But, I’m not trying to be architect Barbie.  When I found this very simple oxblood colored blouse, though, I knew it would give it the right edge.  A simple silver necklace complements the silver hardware of the suit, and does not add a distraction to the already flashy ensemble.

Details: Clavin Klein suit [similar here and here or do an inverse and grab a “wine” colored suit here] | Ann Taylor blouse | necklace here

Can you guess which one I went with?  Despite the fact that my wonderful upper management typically does not dress boldly, I decided to go with…Option numero 3!  I decided to take advantage of my proximity to the White House, go full Laura Bush/Hillary Rodham Clinton, and rock the colored pantsuit.  And, I felt great.  And, we got the job!

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