the house hunt begins

After a week of battling a sinus infection, I’m finally starting to feel myself.  I was scrolling through my phone tonight and thought I should share the HUGE life step Nick and I are starting to tip toe down. Very, veeery slowly we are looking at houses to buy.  If you’ve gone through this in a major metropolitan area, you know you have to be very creative with your choices in a location close to the city.  Money obviously does not go far.  But, when we came across this mid-century modern gem about 10 minutes down the road, we knew we had to at least check it out. So, I went to my first open house!

I grew up with my dad warming the house with a fire in the fireplace every weekend in the fall through early spring, so this one with the painted white brick and wood storage nook got me pretty jazzed.


I was OBSESSED with the exposed wood ceiling and skylights.

The place had three bedrooms, one being used as an office and another as a nursery, and a nice open living and kitchen area.

IMG_8999 (1)IMG_9006

I decided that, after living in 700 square feet with the hubs the last three years, I needed at least another floor to hide away to.  But the house had so much charm!  The current occupants had done a great job of keeping the place simple and bright.  It got my mind racing to how I could transform the house to be my own.  A few of these pictures came to mind…

The San Francisco house is a <a href=

Image Homepolish here

I think I’d keep the beams wood, but painting the wood between the beams would really brighten the space!  I love how this kitchen grounded the cabinets with a dark color on the bottom, and bright white shelves and cabinets above.

Door from Eto Doors, buy here

A wood door with a modern glass pattern would tie the wood from the interior to the exterior.

Mid-century modern beach house retreat on Pender Island designed by Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants:

Image via here

Mid-Century Modern House by Flavin Architects, Lincoln, USA:

Image via here

Both these midcentury homes stained the floors grey, used cozy light grey upholstery and simple decor was dispersed sparingly.  I love it.  So much.

You’ll be seeing more of these posts from me, I can tell you that!  We are not ready to pull the trigger just yet on a house, but it’s very fun researching and dreaming.  I hope you’ll indulge me on this, and maybe find some inspiration as well!

How was the rest of your week?  Here’s some of my favorites:

make: Being sick, all I wanted was comfort food! While I was able to make two of our Blue Apron meals this week, including a yummy Shrimp Perloo, these soups looked tempting.

wander: Sarah Sherman Samuel was glamping down in Mexico…I could totally get in on that type of camping.  She stayed at CuatroCuatros…check it out here.  Let’s go.

color: Julia Engel’s got some awesome lip color going on here on Gal meets Glam.

styling: Admittedly, I got this last week and have been hoarding it to myself!  BUT, did you take a look at Emily Henderson’s book, “Styled?” It’s goood.  Definitely makes me understand why I love the pictures I see featured in magazines and understand better how my place, too, can look like them!  Go get it here!

fashion: I’ve been using Shopstyle and Shoptagr to try to snag a few C/Meo Collective and Keepsake dresses I’ve seen on sale.  We have our last wedding of the year this weekend, it’s time to start scouting styles for next year’s!

hello: I was very, very flattered to see that our wedding was featured on Carats & Cake this week!  They highlight the vendors that made your day so special.  Finding out our wedding was featured definitely brightened my week!  Check it out here.

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