them spiders

OK-quick post on those spiders! You need:

  • Sculpey Clay
  • Wire you can cut easily into 1″ to 1 1/2″ strips
  • Scissors
  • A round thing, like beads
  • Black silver acrylic paint and paint brush

august to september 034

First, take about a quarter-sized ball of clay.  Make a ball, then roll it down to more of a tube or 3D oval.  Pinch it about 2/3 down; make one portion bigger and bulbous, the other part a small bulb.  On the small bulb, pinch two pieces to make the pincers.  Cut four pieces of wire 1″ long and four pieces of wire 1 1/2″ long.  Bend in half.  Stick the two 1″ pieces into the clay shape in the smaller 1/3; place two 1 1/2″ pieces on either side of the 1/3 in front, and two in the back.  See above picture.

august to september 035

Set the oven to 275; bake for about 17 minutes, wire in and all.

august to september 038

After about a half hour, they should be mostly cool.  Wait until then, at least, to paint. 

fall decor and overalls 2015 063

Voila!  Spider friends!

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