dreaming of cabo

The weather is starting to feel crisp outside, and I’m welcoming the cooling temperatures.  However, with a few friends taking tropical vacations and belated honeymoons coming up, my mind is wandering back to my favorite warm-weather escape, Cabo San Lucas.  The red desert meeting the cobalt blue water is immediately breath-taking.  Hubs and I ventured to the Baja Peninsula for our honeymoon, and I’ve been dreaming on going back.  Any chance you are heading there?  Here’s some of our favorites from the trip!

We stayed at the Westin Resort and Spa Los Cabos.  The architecture,colors, texture and details in the resort are beautiful and unique. The views were amazing.  We stayed in the stacked adobe townhouse-like rooms overlooking the Sea of Cortes.


One of the few activities we actually had planned to do before arriving was ATVing through the desert with Los Cabos ATV Adventure.  The tour guide took us fast and wild on the beach, through the desert and on roads throughout the Baja terrain.  I was surprised they let us roam all over, and gave us plenty of time to freestyle drive around.

IMG_2269 IMG_2273

I’ve wrote about this place before, but Flora Farms was, by far, one of the most amazing meals and ambiances of my life.  It was so good!  The concept is literally farm-to-table…you are eating in an oasis of palms and produce.


I’ve tried to recreate the Lavender Martini a few times.  I’ve come close, but there’s nothing like the real thing!
IMG_2593 IMG_2595

Yes, we ordered the night’s special: fried chicken.  It was the most amazing friend chicken I’ve ever had.  We ate EVERYTHING!

Nick and I both really wanted to go Deep Sea Fishing.  He, because he knew there were some big fish off the coast.  Me, because I had never gone!  We booked this at a hotel in downtown Cabo San Lucas, as that is where the boats take off in the morning. They gave us a receipt, we got to the marina around 6:30 am, and took off while we watched the sun rise!

Admittedly, I fell asleep on the way out to the water, only to wake up when the line was pulling.  Good timing, because we reeled in a Marlin!  It was exhilarating.  We shared our boat with another couple, and they took the fish to shore to butcher up; we passed on having them ship us home some meat, but man, that was awesome.

IMG_2511IMG_2535 IMG_2548

One of the best parts?  On the way home, the sea lions swim up to the back of the boat, get on the back ledge, and beg for fish. We couldn’t resist their cuteness.


I had to hydrate after all that hard work pulling in the marlin (haha)!

One of the first things we did was a boat ride to Lovers Rock. There were a bunch of companies along the beach that had boats ready to go.  We also rented snorkling gear, as the fish and coral are beautiful.  They are not super plentiful, but you can see a bunch right below the water.


The swim-able Medano Beach in downtown Cabo San Lucas, where the cruise ships dock.  Lover’s Rock is right at the end of the rocks, around the corner.


Do you see how bright and sparkly the water is?!  It is so intensely colorful, both in deep and shallow areas.

Renting a Jeep and driving through the Baja Peninsula to hidden hiking trails and beaches was also a really cool adventure.  We found the Cascada Sol del Mayo after a short hike.  We could have swam in the waterhole, but instead hiked back to the restaurant at the entrance for lobster tacos (omgsogood!) IMG_2426

We then took our jeep to a beach described to us by the guys at the car rental.  Mostly locals-only, it had awesome snorkling and clear waters.  At the end of the natural stone barrier, smooth rocks tumbled over hundred of years were piled in sculptural stacks by beach-goers.  It was an incredible landscape.IMG_2466 IMG_2472IMG_2494IMG_2498

We had to wait for some donkey and cow friends to move out of the way a few times…

Dining in downtown Cabo? Try Mi Casa and Dos Amigos.  I didn’t get great pictures but Mi Casa is the quintessential Baja Mexican food experience.  The restaurant is open-air, with lights, colors and trees filling the interior.  Dos Amigos is not at all that; it’s where the locals coem for a quick fish taco bite.  And, they were absolutely the best fish tacos I had the whole time we were there (11 days, and I ate fish tacos at least every other day!) Of course, I think it was a very local type of place, so I can’t even find it on Google!  But the tacos were about two pesos each…which is a little over a dollar.  So good.

We also went zip-lining through Cabo Adventures , which was awesome!  I was a little hungover from a few too many cervesas and pina coladas at the pool, but was still able to climb up rocks and zip-line and shimmy over ropes across the dry river beds.  At the end of the trail, you zip-line down the mountain for almost a mile over the dry riverbed.  I wish I had pictures of this but, you know, you’re kind of using your hands throughout the whole experience.

Have I convinced you that Cabo San Lucas and the Baja peninsula is amazing yet?  I hope so! To add, the people are incredibly nice as well.  Hope you have a chance to visit!

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