classic ikea | the grundtal mirror

When it came to styling our bedroom, I knew I had to keep it simple.  First, it’s not a huge space.  Second, we have a lot of stuff, and the best way to keep a place from looking cluttered and small is to strategically and simply decorate, and use things to make our space look larger.  Symmetry, white surfaces and mirrors are probably the oldest tricks in the book, and so of course, I used all three!


Yes, Ikea is still making it’s presence know in our bedroom.  No apologies, though–it is thoughtful design that is affordable, and until we move into a “big kid” house, we will remain Ikea disciples!  Which leads me to the items I probably will not get rid of, even in the big kid house: the Ikea Grundtal mirror.  This thing is so versatile!  It has a great, thin stainless steel frame that gets a nice simple depth.

I fist saw the mirror when I was looking for a DIY to copy this look:

10 Power Tool-Free IKEA Hacks to Try (A collection of great projects definitely to bookmark)! Via Apartment Therapy:

Image via here

With this DIY:

diy rope mirror.:

Image via here

But, once I bought the two mirrors, I decided I liked them just they way they are!  And, so did a bunch of others, I found.  Below are a few of the beautiful ways people have used the mirror.

Christina Louck's Home Tour | Style Me Pretty:

Image via here

when in drought.:

Image via here

Bedrooms can be modern, retro or formal, but they have to be cozy and elegant. Please visit and see more suggestions. #interiors #decoration #contemporary:

Image via here

A 1930s Rental Made to Feel Like Home in Atlanta | Design*Sponge:

Image via here, in a rental!  Must be a theme…

Luxurious interior design ideas perfect for your projects. #interiors #design #homedecor

This dining room is so simple and pretty, I love it!  Image via here.

Although there is only one size, the scale seems to get larger or smaller depending on how high off the ground the mirror is hung. It looks particularly big here!

So…it’s a keeper, right?  Best part?  It’s only $39.99.  Seriously. Get it here.

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