baby blues

I was going to start this post off with light blue tones as a new “neutral” in home painting.  And, I’ll stick by that statement: it’s calming, cool, and a fresh take on gray as that had been the big neutral the last few years.  But once I started to pull a few light blue rooms as examples, the dark blue ones kept catching my eye.  So, I give you both.

Light first!

domino magazine....teal and yellow; cage pendant lamp; mix of furniture styles

Image via here

Dining room

Image via here

Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue. - like the doors and coffered ceiling

Image via here

Under-staircase seating, color story

Image via here

A few of my favorite light blues?  2123-30 Sea Star by Benjamin Moore [has a turquoise undertone], Eggshell Pale Powder 204 by Farrow & Ball Estate [it is super, super light], HC-149 Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore [seen above in the dining room picture].

Now dark:

Love this dining room! Great use of bold navy blue with splashes of black, white and green.

Image via here

Covet Garden - a modern Victorian - desire to inspire -

Image via here


Image via here


Image via here

Of course, these deep blues scream drama and statement; no whispers here!  The dark indigo-navy is perfect for furniture, artwork and accessories to stand out against.

Favorite darks: 2063-10 Old Navy by Benjamin Moore [navy!], 2060-10 Symphony Blue by Benjamin Moore [more navy!], 6510 Loyal Blue by Sherwin Williams [more like that last picture with the shelves] and the best, most dramatic and darkest, Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball [dark navy with some gray undertones].

First image from our Airbnb apartment building in Prague.  It was the coolest place in the building temperature-wise, adn with temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, we lingered there a few extra minutes each time we returned…

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