back at it

Anyone else looking around, wondering where the summer went and realizing it’s time to mozy on in to fall?!  Well, I am!  After our big Czech/Germany trip I took a few days weeks to get back into the swing of things, see friends and family, but now I’m settling in to the routine, including the pre-fall preparations.  This includes supporting the hub’s favorite sport: deer hunting.


The end of August means going out to the property a) so I remember where it is [just in case] and b) for a good day of hiking through the woods and fields.  The property is gorgeous.


Culpeper, Virginia, is gorgeous.  Rolling hills and farm lands surround you while driving.  One of these days we will go early, or I’ll meet Nick out there, to visit Old House Vineyards, Prince Michel Vineyards and Winery or [and] Gray Ghost Vineyards.

Of course, hubs was too excited to download pictures from his infrared camera, so this was not the day for wine tasting.  My big job was to carry the bear spray. I carried it well, if I don’t so so myself… [I also lugged a big mineral rock a quarter of a mile to place in front of one of these cameras, so I got my sweat on!]


The other cool part of the day?  Finding the treasures of the forest.  Turkey feathers, butterfly wings, stones and nut shells, and beautiful flowers were everywhere. IMG_8576

I’ve started to enjoy fresh venison [it’s organic and lean, and I’ve never encountered the “gamey” taste thanks to many Pinterest-found recipes which promised, and delivered, getting rid of it! This recipe and this one have proven to be great!] Hunting season has not started yet, though, so we indulged in the local AMAZING dive bbq joint BBQ Country.   IMG_8586

Yes, it looks simple, but the BBQ is just too good.  If you find yourself on Route 29 in Opal, Virginia, do yourself a favor and stop in.  I took this picture before we received the fries, but I’m pretty sure we devoured them before there was time to take another pic.

My gear: Adidas jacket similar here | Adidas t-shirt similar here | Nike shoes similar here | Kelsi Dagger bag | jeans here | Ray-Ban sunglasses here

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