white + camel + black

I came back from my long trip to realize, terrifyingly, that it is almost fall!  I’m not done with the sun, warm weather or wearing my new favorite clothing color, white!  But, quickly skimming my fall-review emails (before banishing them to the trash), I’m realizing I may not have to say good bye to the white after all.
I absolutely love the warmth of the camel color against white.  We’ve seen blush and cool greys throughout the summer, but the richness of camel can easily bring the whites into fall.
classic in camel // In need of a detox? Get your teatox on with 10% off using our discount code 'PINTEREST10' at www.skinnymetea.com
Image via here
Summer Layers | long tunic with a tailored vest, culottes and leather sandals
Image via here
YSL + Vest + Ripped Jeans + Celine Sunglasses http://anoukyve.creatorsofdesire.com/celine-sunglasses/
Image via here
I’m also digging it in home decor…(typical that I’d love a good black and white, but the warmth of the camel brings it to another level!)
I love the high ceilings and the color pallet (dark blue, black & white, camel, and grey).
Image via here
Gorgeous palette! White + black + camel. Garrow Kedigian - Hermès Avalon blanket
Image via here
Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 9.29.37 PM
Image via here
Laid-back, BroHo vibe in a palette of neutrals with plenty of texture and some great furniture and fixture choices.
Image via here
Few of my favorites that I’ve rounded up!
white + camel + black

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