white on white on white | travel essentials

I know I am not the first to embrace the trend, but can we say white is still having a major moment?  It’s crisp, clean, and I’d put money on everyone and all skin tones looking healthy and happy wearing it, and styling with it.  Being an architect, much of my wardrobe is white or black.  Or, you know, a mixture — grey.  Don’t worry, I’ve embraced color, but I love the clothing and products out there in a clean white.  Preparing for the Prague/Dresden/Berlin trip has had me needing to buy some extra travel gear, and man, have I been influenced…

Comfy sneakers, headphones for the plane, a bucket bag the perfect size to fit my new camera…

whites 002

Skin gets dry and breath gets, well…best to have lip balm and mints on hand for the flight! Notebook for travel notes and impromptu sketches [side note – the first overseas trip Nick and I took was to Spain.  I had to have a sketch book, as it was my first trip to Europe.  We got up to New York City since we were leaving from JFK, and while Nick had found a good sports bar to buy time in before the flight, I started looking all over for a sketchbook while a Hokies game was about to kickoff.  Nick was mustering all his patience.  Little did I know, he was all nerves as well because he had a ring in his bag and wanted to start what would become our engagement trip off on the right foot.  No blow-ups later, I found a sketchbook and we got to the bar mid-way through the first quarter.  Win-win!(?)]

whites 004Love the white and gold details on the sneaks and bag

Kelsi Dagger Wythe bucket bag here or here or on sale here | Puma sneakers here or similar here | Sony Headphones here | Essie nail polish in Private Weekend | Elemental Herbs All Good Coconut organic lip balm SPF 20 here | White Tic Tacs | Moleskin White Lined Notebook 2-pack here

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