the coffee table book

When you are perusing Pinterest for inspiration, glancing over people’s interiors and looking at all their details, do you ever get major book envy? Well, I do.  I stare at my coffee table and then back to the screen, trying to figure out if I should ditch the tray/cactus/candle formula and move on to a stack of lust-worthy books full of rich photos or artwork.  Here are a few I’ve set my eye on:

Garry Winogrand was a prolific photographer who, upon his untimely and tragic death from gallbladder cancer at age 56, had over 300,000 undeveloped images.  These, as well as his works developed before his death, have been made into several incredible books.  Just look up The Animals, Women Are BeautifulWinograd – Figments From the Real Worldor Arrivals and Departures – The Airport Pictures of Garry Winogrand.  His photographs capture intense moments of life.  He was one of the first true street photographers.  Many of these books are investment-worthy.  To be kind and give you a cost-friendly option, buy this beauty:


Garry Winogrand (Metropolitan Museum, New York: Exhibition Catalogues

Feeling lucky?  Head into your nearest Anthropologie and pick up this gorgeous tropical foliage botanical biblio.  It was 20% off this past weekend (and it had been marked down to around $100!) and I wanted it so badly! (Of course, an off-the-shoulder navy blue top was calling to me a little louder, so the book went back on the shelf.)  Head into Anthro; good luck my friend!32171167_011_b

The Book of Palms

As bold and sexy as, well, himself, I give you the Tom Ford book.  


Imean, this book is a veritable “Where’s Waldo” of fashion elite interiors.  See for yourself:


Image via here


Image via here


Image via here


Image via here


Image via here

Do you know how many households I’ve seen pinned with this book gracing the coffee table?!  I have major envy.  I’ll grab this soon.  Be prepared with a fan–it’s a hot book!

Just as classic and bold?


Buy here

And for a little color on your fashion book:


Buy here

For the classic gal:


Buy here

One book that’s been in my cart on Amazon for far too long?  This guy.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art did an amazing retrospective of Alexander McQueen’s work after his death.  It was awe-inspiring.  My bestie and I took a bus up to New York and attended the exhibit.  The craftsmanship and vision were so clear.  Bestie bought the book.  I was being…stingy?  Not smart?  I think I’m pulling the trigger tonight and will finally buy it.  [Plus, the cover is holographic…who doesn’t like holograms?!]


Buy here

My favorite artist?  Gerhard Richter.  I could do twenty blog posts about my love for him.  I’ll save you (maybe) and just give you this book to buy:


Buy here

You know I’m not going to let this post be all about fashion, illustration and photography!  Behold, a marvelous book of man’s achievement:


Buy here

This book is really, really cool. So many people never see the amazing architecture around you because it blends into the scenery or urban context; books like this highlight the gorgeous structures being built around the world.  This one came out back when I graduated high school and was just starting to dive into the deep hole that is design and architecture; I love looking back at the buildings that shaped my design ideas.

Better yet, use Artifact Uprising and make your own coffee-table-worthy book!  I made them for my mother and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day this year and the print quality was amazing.  I should have taken a picture of it.  Both of them cherish the books and display them.  After trips to the Bahamas, Spain, the Baja Peninsula, Italy, and soon the Czech Republic and Germany, I know I have to make an heirloom book of our travels.  Artifact Uprising is the most design-concious book; you can’t go wrong with the layout and fonts.  It is so well-curated, and makes you look like you have amazing design skills. Take my word for it!

Feature Image via here

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