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After a two week break to submit my design idea for the National World War One Memorial Competition, have a few late nights helping submit a project to the county and put on the first of the Architecture Uncensored Series lectures, I’m back!  This blog is the best way to unwind and have fun sharing the things I find, so I welcome the chance to get back into it.  But, the competition submission turned out SUPER COOL, so I’ll share it if I do not make it on the next round (but, you know, cross your fingers you don’t get to see it, meaning I DID make it past the first round!)

I’m typically a firm believer in finding the perfect piece of art, and figuring out some random cost-efficient way to frame post-buy.  Sometimes this works out fine, but other times, when you find or have that “I can’t live without this” piece, the Ikea frame won’t do.

I’d been eyeing a few Max Wanger  prints.  They are dreamy and ethereal, calming snapshots of nature and moments of beauty.  Deciding I needed to redo my bathroom (I’ll share that soon!) to be less dull and more mini-spa, finding a little calm from nature always helps!  I had narrowed it down to a few prints.

wave_8x10_1000 WaikikiNo5_8x10_1000 Float_8x10_1000

Find all three prints here

After shopping online, taking a break to decide which print, and then going on to my not-so-secret source Urban Outfitters, I realized he released a print to be sold there!  And, it was in a square format, perfect for the bathroom space that needed some love.

After I got it in, I went to my stack of Ikea frames.  Surely I could cut the mat to fit my new print!  Nope.

It was time to call in the professionals.  I searched online for a company that I could pre-order a custom frame through and then a lightbulb went off.  Framebridge!  I had seen something for them before, so when they popped up in my search list I knew it was fate.  And man, they did a killer job.


They have a whole bunch of frame options and typically four sizes to pick from.  I can’t wait to frame a few more prints for the gallery wall I’m working on in the bedroom.  Sure, I love their minimalist frames, but there are a few I can’t wait to try!


The Brentwood is modern glam.  It is definitely going to show up in my apartment.


The Mandalay reminds me of my grandparents, and they have awesome taste and a cool eye for timeless features so I dig it.


The Cairo has this cool, weird burled wood.  It’s light wood that you would not find on your cabinets or floors, so I think the risk of it “clashing” is low.  It would be it’s own special piece.

I haven’t seen anything more than $159 to frame a 24″ x 36″ piece; that’s less than what my local Michael’s quoted me to frame my print during their “super extra grande 50% off sale!”

I decided to go classic with the white-on-white Irvine Slim.  I bought the frame (my print was 16″ x 16″, so I ordered a medium), they sent me my choice of a lay-flat or tube, I sent my art in and I think about two weeks later (probably not even) I had my framed print deliver to our building (packed with lots of reinforcing cardboard, so nothing bent or broke!)




The media that came with it was so nicely done as well (I’m a sucker for graphics…)  They even sent a few things to hang the frame with!  Can’t wait to show you how it looks!

Framebridge did not compensate me for this post, although they could have and I would have said the exact same things (and gladly accepted free frames.)

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