friday favorites

I bought these flowers almost a week ago and they have been seriously holding up!  The orange and yellow safflower and blue thistles were too pretty to pass up.  That, and of course the silver dollar eucalyptus.  I still have such a crush on that foliage.  It’s that mix of bright warm tones against the cool tones that has me loving this arrangement.  It was a $12 worth spending at Trader Joe’s!

nanny bday and flowers 005nanny bday and flowers 016 nanny bday and flowers 017nanny bday and flowers 019

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned!  Round up of some of my favorite blog posts of the week!

make: This strawberry basil soup from A Beautiful Mess sounds too perfect to combat the heat we’ve had!

wander: Damsel in Dior is always somewhere cool.  Check out her thoughts on Florence here.  I wish we had gone to Florence when we were in Italy last year, but I guess that’s the perfect excuse to go back!

color: Sarah Sherman Samuel of Smitten Studio discusses her new love – white on white.  I dig it.

styling: Emily Henderson blows me away with her home styling, but also her humor.  I love how she discusses a creepy decor piece here.

fashion: I’m in prep mode for my travels, so my eye has turned to sneaker-based outfits.  So, I don’t care that this post is over a year old, StyleCaster knew what I needed!

hello: I love when a person has the confidence to really open up to the world and express what they are up against.  It’s nice to know we’re all human.  Sarah Yates of A House in the Hills is just a really cool and gracious human; she shared her health struggles here.

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