perusing prague

In just less that a month, hubs and I will be wondering the Streets of Prague, staring up at the astronomical clock, sipping good coffee, eating trdelnik from street vendors and embracing everything this capital of Bohemia has to offer!  We’ll head to Dresden and Berlin afterward for Nick’s work, but for Prague it’s an open field!  We want to get a real feel for authentic Prague, so I’m searching all of airbnb for the right place.  And, seriously, there are some stunners.

My wish list apartment: our own apartment or big private room in the center of town, with a view, or very preferably, A BALCONY! So, one of the first places I saw had it all.  Except availability.  But the view!  And the marsala wall behind a contrasting white stair…obvious knowledge of Pantone’s color of the year!


Find this darling place here

The Vysehrad Castle area in Prague is practically ancient.  One of the oldest areas, it has the oldest castles, the cemetery where famous Czechs are buried, and this apartment.  Sun-filled, exposed bricks and minimal but bright decor.  It’s like stepping in to an Urban Outfitters catalog.b_stair b_plants b_room b_stair and space

Rent here

It’s not in the middle of everything.  It’s in more of a relaxed, local and quiet area. Those beams and sunlight though…

This apartment is across the river from the Old Town, and I’ll admit it’s the prettiest of the bunch.  Whoever styled the place knew what they were doing.  Basically everything is white, letting the gorgeousness of the ceiling show through.  The ceiling was hand-painted in the 16th century.  I die.

c_main room c_main room 2c_bedroomRent here 

Sadly, this place would only be available two out of the four nights we will be there.  We’ve gone to cities where we’ve moved [multiple] times during our stay to enjoy the different areas.  But, honestly, I prefer to pick a spot and stick to it.

So, this one has a strike against it.  We would be staying in someone’s apartment. But, do you see how cute it is?  And it’s the most economical options we’ve got.

d_bedroom d_main roomd_bathroomd_balcony

Rent here

It’s simple, pretty…it’s like a minimalist Anthropologie photo shoot.  And the balcony!  Perhaps we’ll make an exception on the whole “no rooming with others” limitation.

Billed as “Back to the USSR,” this flat is so cool!  I want to meet these people!

g_bed area g_sitting areag_kitcheng_sitting room g_bathroom

Rent here

What this lacks in balcony it makes up in super style.  Who are these people?  It’s like I found the Bohemia jackpot.  It’s a really cool location, too, in the “New Town.”

If we wanted to stay in the opposite of the “New Town,” we’d stay in this one.  No, it’s not in “Old Town,” but it’s literally under the Prazsky Hrad, aka-Prague Castle.

f_balconyf_vaulted ceilingsf_kitchen

Rent here

Sixteenth century vaults create the ceilings of the bedroom and kitchen.  It’s tiny, but comes with an adorable terrace.  I’m in love.

Situated back in the “Old Town” over the river, this one goes back to that bohemian vibe I so adore.  Located in an Art Nouveau building in the “Franz Kafka ” old area, this flat is so light-filled.  It has that sparse decor that is so undeniably cool.

e_main roome_main bede_kitchen e_pink room

Rent here

Um, did you take a look at the dining room chair upholstery?  Oversized gingham, so #trending. BUt seriously, those pink walls…

Ok, I could go on for five more apartments.  I’ll wrap it up with this gem.

h_main areah_bed h_deskh_balcony

Rent here

No, it’s not the most perfect, clean-looking, accommodating or has the most amazingly styled apartment.  But that’s why I LOVE it.  In the attic of a four-story building, super close to the Charles Bridge and John Lennon Wall.  Imagine grabbing a six-pack of Pilsner Urquell and sitting up on that balcony, watching the sun light reflect on the red clay roof tiles…pure romance.  Smitten.

Have a fave?  Let me know!

In honesty, I have no idea where the best place to stay is.  These places are amazing.  We typically walk the whole city three times over to get the best feel for it, so I know wherever we end up will be perfect.  Plus, I just ordered new Puma sneaks, sooo…I’ll get some use out of them!

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