the engagement box

My best friend just got back from Paris.  She brought back a few trinkets, some delicious cookies that had chocolate in the center (thank you, they are so gooood!), and a sparkler on a certain finger.  I am so freaking happy for them!  I may have had a notion they were getting engaged in Paris, and knew I had to have something to give them in celebration when they returned.

I had wanted to send bff and her bf champagne while over there, but I had no idea when he was going to pop the question!  So, I decided to have bubbly ready for when they came home.  That, and fun champagne glasses and a ring dish for her new accessory.

First, I needed a box.  After looking through Michael’s selections, I found this one at Ross:
IMG_7273 (1)

As much as we all love Marilyn, this was not how it was going to look.  So, I took off the bow and covered the top, back and bottom in brown kraft wrapping paper, using a glue gun to secure the edges.


I love some of the cool floral and typography that designers such as Lisa Hedge creates.  Something like this:

So, I used font Felix Titling in italic for the letters in size 350, and Century Gothic in size 250, not italic, for the ampersand.  I cut the letters out with an Xacto knife and used a glue stick to glue them on.


Hint: Place the letters on where you want them, mark lightly with a pencil, then glue.  I did not do this, the “J” is slightly off, but I just painted more flowers to make it less noticeable.

engagement box 002

I then busted out my acrylics.  There are the types of paints your mother probably used to stencil your childhood bedroom.  Find them, in a million colors, at Michael’s.

engagement box 008

engagement box 009

Note: The flowers are basically squiggles.  I looked a little at old Dutch still lifes (you know I love dark florals like that from this post), but really, just go with the flow and use colors you like.  It will turn out great!

I wanted to be able to tie the box up, so I ordered black and sea foam green velvet ribbon.  I ordered them off Amazon here  and here.  About two feet for each ribbon piece, then trim after you tie the bow!

engagement box 024

engagement box 030

Sorry the pictures have varying and/or weird lighting, I did this over about 3 days, mostly at night…

Want to know what I put inside?

engagement box 012

engagement box 013

I love that bff and her bf (now fiance!) joke and have a mutual love for Disney.  So, had to reference her favorite Disney movie.  I went to Arrow Wine in Arlington, VA for wine suggestions.  Yes, I was thinking Dom/Veuve/Moet & Chandon…but really, I’ve only had a sip or two of each and did not want to waste money on a bottle of champagne they would not enjoy.  When I told the helpful salesman that honestly, bff usually enjoys a sweet Asti, he knew right where to lead me.

With an engagement in Paris, you know I had to find an Eiffel Tower ring dish!

engagement box 004

I cut up about four sheets of white and four sheets of pink tissue paper.  I was afraid the champagne bottle would crush the glasses, so I added a little support in the box.

engagement box 025

The lips print was on the inside from the original box…I couldn’t stand covering it, even if it didn’t go with the color scheme!

Added the tissue strips, positioned the bottle and ring dish, and Voila!

engagement box 028

I crossed my fingers that she would like it and delivered it before our lunch.  I think she did.  But, when you are bffs, you’re just happy when they are.  So we were both just happy!

engagement box 033

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