I have an intense jealousy for California.  The weather, landscape, people (two of my best friends do reside there), and, of course, the architecture and design.  I’ve already stated my love for Palm Springs and it’s warm-weather designed houses, but throughout the state mid-century gems scatter the neighborhoods.  We have this on the East Coast as well, but somehow have not harnessed that same mystique and cool-factor and put that back into restoring our mid-century remnants.  But, while driving, I love to peer out the window and glimpse those gems, clad in concrete block screens.

engagement box 022

The Surf Rider Apartments in Virginia Beach


One of my favorite buildings on L Street in NW DC


Capital Park Plaza near the Navy Yard

 We were trying to take a short cut and miss some traffic when we drove past the Surf Rider.  I immediately made hubs pull over so I could take a few pictures.  Imagine restoring those mirrored buildings into a chic boutique hotel!  Create a great landscaped procession leading you between the two buildings and into a fun hotel lobby, complete with a Manhattan waiting for you upon arrival.  Take down the ugly little signs, find amazing Danish Modern furniture and some fun and funky light fixtures, vibrant bed linens and full mini-bar in each room.  It could be amazing.  I’m throwing out gold, here!

engagement box 023

So many awesome buildings in DC need to be renovated and embraced for their gorgeous concrete block screens, too.  But, it seems the West Coast knows what’s up…

Attend a super chic and private wedding of a good friend in Palm Springs | The Parker #narches 4.25.15

The glorious Parker Palm Springs in Palm Springs, CA.  I know yo’ve seen a bunch of weddings here!

Image via Jaimee Rose

Yellow door, mid century modern home! put this in palm springs and it's my dream home

Image via Good and Grey

pampas2palms: January 2012

Image via here

Some architects are embracing the concrete screen in a modern context.  I’m trying to gauge a good client that would accept a gorgeous courtyard space utilizing the screen!

block screens, Studio MK27,architecture,concrete design

Image via Plastolux by Studio MK27

DPS Kindergarten by Khosla Associates | architecture | dezeen

DPS Kindergarten by Khosla Associates | architecture | dezeen

DPS Kindergarten by Khosla Associates | architecture | dezeen

Images via Dezeen by Khosla Associates

Image via here

Have a client, or have a bunch of money to renovate or buy a gorgeous mid-century house?  Check out some of these concrete block designs!  I’m so stoked they still make them!

Screen Wall 02 Screen Wall 08Screen Wall 04Screen Wall 06Screen Wall 10Screen Wall 12Screen Wall 14Screen Wall 16Screen Wall 18Screen Wall 20Screen Wall 22Screen Wall 24

A-1 Block Corp has all your basics.  I’m sure many masonry companies have lines as well.  It will just take a little asking around.  Best case scenario, I design my own!  One can dream.

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