welcome [to my] home – update!

After way too many house searching online for the perfect accessories, my door is finally “dressed!”  Gone are the days of being basic, aka-

IMG_7143 (2)

Sad door.

Now, the door is singing a new tune!

Front Door 009Way better, right?!

My wreath hanger was way too short, which made the wreath cover the  peep hole.  For obvious reasons, I had to change this. I bought the cork ribbon at Michael’s. I took that double-stick foam tape from Scotch and taped it to the top of the door (after a lot of rubbing it down and crossing my fingers it would stay!) I had scored the succulent wreath on sale at a Ross store.  The door mat is a Bloomingville one I had lusted over in my previous post, here.

Front Door 006

Thanks to the monsoon rain storms last week, my boots were out.  Considering I’ve seen tons on my Instagram from the Glastonbury Festival, I guess they are trending right now.  Plus, they go with the color scheme!

Front Door 008

Overall, I’m pleased.

Get the look:

Succulent wreaths here, here ($19.99!) and live one here | cork ribbon here (only $4.99!) | door mat here | and, of course, boots here

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