hand written

There is huge skill and artistry involved in hand-painted signage.  The scale, colors, precision, composition…often with very little technology involved, other than the painter’s hands.  In Arlington, although a city, you still see glimpses of this dying craft.FullSizeRender (12) FullSizeRender (14) IMG_7169

I’ve tried to master this, but I’ve found it’s a whole lot easier when you use technology.  I had wanted to paint a bunch of signage for our wedding, but found it incredibly difficult to get the spacing and right feel painted.  So, I got resourceful!  I typed up my sayings with my favorite fonts, and used this craft cheat:

Transfer Paper Sampler, , hi-res

Get this stuff at Jo-Ann’s Fabric online here.  You just put it under the printed sayings, put them both on top of whatever you’ll paint, and trace over/outline the text.  Take it off, and you’ll see the outline or image of what you’ll paint over.  Be careful not to press too hard, or else you’ll get the transfer “wax” on what you are painting on.  This can be rubbed off, but it’s a pain.


My dad cut all these wood signs, and we both stained them.  He is a saint.


This is a black frame from Target.  I dry-brushed it silver (I’ll show you how some other time), took out the plexi-glass and back, and replaced it with heavy foam core I had spray-painted with chalkboard paint.  After painting the foam core with the saying I just glue-gunned it in, easy as that!


More adorable dad-made signs.

This is how I made all the signage for our wedding.  Secret is out!  And when I say “I,” I also mean my mom, sisters, cousins and friends.  I’m still apologizing to them…although, they’ve gained a very valuable skill set!

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