I love the look of marbled paper.  There is something a little DIY about it, and even a bit throw-back as I remember it being big in the stationary world back in the 90’s.  But the swirling colors, often with metallics in the mix, are pretty cool looking.  I’m not sure if marbled paper is having a comeback, or if myself and a few others just really dig it, but I’ve started to see it around more.

Meg Biram, a DC blogger/creative/artist, knows what’s up, as the header of her blog is marbled glory. I’ve seen a few other blogs do wall art with theirs.  And guess what?  I did too!  Mine was basically because I had simply too many sheets of marbled paper laying around, and that’s a waste!

For our wedding, I could not help but DIY as much as possible.  Not that it saved much money–it would have been a less expensive affair if I had just done without.  But there was NO WAY I was going to let anything go without my personal touch!  I laugh now, but at the time, I was serious.


Image taken by the oh-so-talented Amelia Johnson, who shot our wedding.

We cut out over one hundred of those envelope liners.  It was intense.  The marbled paper took a little longer than expected to show up, so I ordered more from another vendor.


Image credit Amelia Johnson

So, it also became the wrapping paper for wedding gifts!  But, we still had about a dozen sheets of it left…



I mean, it’s so cool!  and has that gold swirled in.  So, I bought an Ikea Ribba frame, cut it down to size in the place I thought was the prettiest (aka-most sparkly) and boom!  Wall art.


I swear, in time the gallery wall will become less sparse, more a thing of beauty, but that’s the fun of a gallery wall.  It’s for collecting. The “Paradise” print is actually an art installation (done in knives!) by artist Farhad Moshiri.  It was on a brochure from the Bass Museum of Art in South Beach, FL, when my mom and I went to the One Way: Peter Marino exhibit.  It rocked, btw.  the “Washingtonian” print is from the museum shop at the National Building Museum.  It’s by H.O. Hofman, who also did a bunch of the New Yorker magazine covers.  I can’t find where to get it now anywhere!  I’ll keep searching, friends.

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