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I have the most boring door on the hallway right now.  The doormat is practically vintage, brought by the hubs when we combined apartment assets.  I used to have a big grapevine wreath that I would hang and dress up for the holidays, but it got shabby.  Then we have a cool “S” wreath in faux evergreen, but come March it reeeally had to come down.

IMG_7143 (2)

There are some adorable doors out there!  So welcoming and bright!  These say, “come in, take your shoes off, stay awhile, I’m cute and cool!”

DIY Front Door Makeover | http://wallums.com/blog/new-designs/diy-hello-door-decal-before-and-after/

Image via Wallums.com, buy the cute decal here

traditional entry by LINCOLN BARBOUR PHOTO

Image via Houzz

This color door would definitely make me happier. :) ~ 8 Color Rules To Follow for a Brighter, Happier Home

Image via Country Living

 Doormat first…

I’m a sucker for typography and good fonts (architect, duh).  These caught my eye.

Found here on Overstock.com

Found here on Overstock.com

Found here at West Elm

Wovens are so classic:

Found here at Anthropologie

Found here at Home Depot

This cool lobster line mat can be found here at Anthropologie

And lastly, my favorites that are clean and simple

Found here on Overstock.com

Found here at Overstock.com

Bloomingville - Doormat - 40x80cm - 'HELLO'

Found here at Amara Living

And my suuuuper favorite:

Bloomingville - Door mat - 60x70cm - 'Welcome/Goodbye'

The shape!  The font!  The composition!  I need it.  Find it here.

Wreaths and door decor can be cheesy.  I’m not a huge fan of traditional wreaths, but I appreciate a cool one or some kind of door decor, especially when you are but one basic-b-looking door among a sea hallway of doors.  You have to stand out!  I’ve found a few that are classy/modern, or a few to make that I’m contemplating.

I’ve been obsessed with eucalyptus for a while (I’ll share how I incorporate it my decor later) and this wreath would fit right in

Found here on Terrain

And this one!

Wire and Eucalyptus Wall Wreath

Love it.  Found here on Etsy store Kindcrawford

Oh, this is cool.  Find the DIY on TheDesignConfidential.com

How To Make A Dream Catcher #diy #dreamcatcher #diywallart #modern #twelveOeightblog

This DIY, too!  Leather dreamcatcher…so cool.  Find the DIY here

Lastly, succulents.  Yes, they’ve been on the trend train for a while now, but I think they have some staying power.  I could see a few of these enlivening my door…

This guy looks lush.  Find here 

Icy Succulent and Tillandsia Wreath

Or this icy one, here

So pretty! Although I would sub the pod things in the picture for actual Magnolia blossoms

We are in the South, so a magnolia wreath is not inappropriate.  DIY here

Dreamcatcher-  Macrame DIY http://apairandasparediy.com/2014/02/how-to-macrame-dreamer.html

Or maybe a little DIY macrame…stay tuned to see how it turns out!

First image via here



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  2. […] My wreath hanger was way too short, which made the wreath cover the  peep hole.  For obvious reasons, I had to change this. I bought the cork ribbon at Michael’s. I took that double-stick foam tape from Scotch and taped it to the top of the door (after a lot of rubbing it down and crossing my fingers it would stay!) I had scored the succulent wreath on sale at a Ross store.  The door mat is a Bloomingville one I had lusted over in my previous post, here. […]


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