travel anticipation

When a big trip is coming up, I start preparing months in advance.  Ok, maybe just mentally…packing often happens the day before.  But I definitely make a site-seeing list.  I always leave room for spontaneous stumbling upon local gems, but I make sure the big tourist/architecture attractions are along our travel routes.


I’ve made it a tradition to order the Wallpaper* City Guides, put out by Phaidon, before each trip.  They break down cities by famous sites, cool hotels, architectural attractions and a “see the city in 24 hours” tab.  We are gearing up for Prague and Berlin in August, so those were promptly ordered! It’s now been a great way to document where we’ve been around the world.  They are also small, fit in a crossbody bag and look like a cool little Pantone swatch.  I’m aiming to have a full shelf of these guides by the time I’m done.  These five are a good start.

IMG_7024Grab them off the website, or go cheap (like me) and get them from ebay!

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