dashing delft

It’s summer, which typically means the blue and white nautical theme meanders into many a wardrobe.  This year, though, I’ve been noticing blue and white in a more dutch-inspired vibe.

Delft started around the 17th century in the Netherlands.  It soared in popularity the last few centuries, but now the Royal Delft company is the last company standing.  Their stuff is gorgeous, but I’m digging the more modern interpretations of the iconic blue and white patterns. Marcel Wanders gave us some awesomeness for Mooi that was able to reimagine traditional porcelain shapes.


Image via Marcel Wanders

And did you see Naeem Khan’s phenomenal Delft-inspired dresses for pre-Fall 2015?  For the love of awesome, someone please wear one of these as a wedding dress.

naeem khan delft

Image via Style.com

I love when people go balls-to-the-wall using Delft as a feature wall.  My mom had a miniature one of these in our Virginia household and it was so intriguing to stare at the details. Below is a wallpaper that lets you cheat and not spend hours in antique stores, finding the best plates.


Image via Studio Ditte

I’m thinking a Delft print would look amazing as a peek of print layered on your bed, or even as a statement piece in your home.  Or, add a creepy guy on your wall, staring at you as you eat dinner…conversation piece!

dashing delft
[By the way, if you love that two-piece getup, order two sizes larger.  It comes in way small.  I had a woman-in-a-toddle-outfit moment.]

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