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Picture a loft-style apartment, transformed from an old office building into a chic apartment.  Only problem?  The columns are spaced 20 feet apart, which means that you either have a very narrow living room and bedroom, but they each have windows, or you have a large living room with a wall of glass and a bedroom…well…it’s interior.  Honestly, the second is what I’d pick.  As long as it has what we’re putting in the one I’m working on.

Bi-parting interior glass doors are awesome.  Imagine a frosted glass corner, that would completely open into the main area.  I’m determined to work this into my dream home one day!  I’ve researched all over the internet for great companies that have them and rounded up a few of my favorite companies.

raydoor 2


Images from Raydoor

I promise, I don’t just like Raydoor  because it bears my namesake.  These doors slide open at corners, have no bottom tracks, tons of color/glass panel options and can completely open up a space.

sliding door co

Image from The Sliding Door Co

The Sliding Door Company really has the residential aspect of sliding doors figured out.  They have barn-style, telescoping, open corners, great options in wood and glass…they’s obviously been doing this for a while.  They have a bottom track, which is great for durability.  We’re most likely using this company.  I’m pumped.

klein rollglass

Image from Klein USA

Admittedly, this one is my favorite.  I’m sure the frameless glass and concealed tracks do not come without a price (in fact, I know this.  I called.)  But, how beautiful in the simplicity!  I’d be happy to sleep in an interior bedroom and let the sun slowly creep in through this slab of perfection.

A few more to check out:

Avanti Doors



First Image via Remodelista

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