fresh americana

I love Memorial Day Weekend for so many reasons.  Of course first on my list is the ability to take a day to reflect on how truly lucky we are that so many have defended America and it’s freedoms, and appreciate the ultimate sacrifice so many have made.  Coming from a family with many military members, the reality of the risks they take for the people in our country is phenomenally humbling.  Second, it’s the official start of the season of outdoors, lake trips, hot dogs and open windows!  Growing up, red, white and blue bunting graced the front porch of our white with a red door Colonial suburban home starting on Memorial Day weekend, and did not come down until after Labor Day.

I would love to carry on this tradition…just in a modern house.  Matthew Hufft designs residences that fully embody this idea.  I fell in love with this house that was featured in Dwell a few years ago.  It’s simple and clean-lined, but with the grand fireplace, sweeping views on gorgeous land, dormers and crisp details, the look is decidedly American.
The pared-down Americana I’ve seen at Crate and Barrel for years is finally starting to infiltrate other retailers.  I love the bold colors and texture.  If I had a house, I’d probably fill it with some of this:
fresh americana

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