run dreaming

I typically don’t love working out, but when the weather is nice you can find me running through the neighborhoods of Arlington, dreaming of how I would gut, renovate and add on to the quaint little houses in the area.  I can seriously run for miles doing this.  My tastes are decidedly today’s modern, but I understand many people don’t love the look.  Here’s a few I think got it right (and that you’ll see me awkwardly slowing down in front of…)

I work in Clarendon at an architecture firm, and on my way home I pass this beauty:

Designed by Paolas Square, they simply added up on a shorter side portion and added a gorgeous open stair.  Look at this interior!

Behind the above house, they transformed this one:

into this:

Seeing how the architects reclaimed garage space, added massive windows to look out on to mature trees and reorganized the circulation within the home is so inspiring.  With each house I pass, more ideas spring forward as to how I would transform each simple structure into a personalized sanctuary.

This guy is close to my home, done by Sagatov Design+Build:


If you look closely at the porch, there’s the coolest modern porch swing.  Admittedly, I wish the chimney was a black brick for contrast, but it’s really a super cool house.  I’d live there in a heartbeat.

While at my last firm, Demian\Wilbur\Architects, I finally was able to work on residential projects.  Let me tell you, it’s a process!  The firm worked mostly in DC, and the amount of red tape you have to bust through was ridiculous.  However, when you have a good design, you can muster the energy to push through.  The projects were way cool, especially the pre-1900’s brick storage/garage conversion we did.  Although it was mostly designed by the time I jumped on it to push it through the permit process, I was able to draw in fully telescoping glass corners of the abode, select sleek hardware and lighting, and design a kitchen with gorgeous glass and porcelain tiles, glossy white lacquer cabinets and bleached wide plank wood floors.  There’s wood screens and a rooftop deck…it’s loaded.  It’s awesome.Walker CourtIMG_6382You know I’ll be popping by the construction site to see it being built!

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