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Back in design school I was obsessed with the design firm OMA.  Not only for the theory behind Rem Koolhaas and his firm’s ideas–bold, unconventional, forms that embodied the program of their buildings–but they also did some of the MAJOR fashion design houses throughout the world (ever wander into the Prada in NYC?)  I still love their work and follow what they are doing, but my tastes have veered more into the realm of Tod Williams Billie Tsien Partner’s work.  Been to the Barnes Foundation in Philly or even walk by the First Congregational Church of Christ here in DC?  Seriously, you need no architectural or design background to recognize how nice their work is.  So when I had a week to myself to catch up on their latest work in Architect Magazine (they had the whole back of the magazine!), I settled into my couch, flipped through the pages, and stopped at a bold, perspective-driven image of rich colors.  Of course, I was back to gawking at OMA.

OMA’s research arm AMO created this space inside Prada’s Milan headquarters, naming it “The Infinite Palace.”  Colors were representational of the Fall/Winter 2015 lines, and the whole space was faux marble.  Did your jaw just drop?  Yes, it’s fake stone.

This leads me into a few points: first, fashion and design are intimately related.  Fashion usually seems to come first, but in reality they are based on cultural movements occurring throughout the world and fashion can simply be produced faster.  Fashion and design’s relationship will be something I continue to bring up, so get used to it!  Second, color and how it is presented can be seasonal, and temporary.  Third, a great color scheme can made crap faux crap look gooood.

(Thanks NYU)

This color scheme is a triadic, meaning the colors were chosen based on selecting colors forming a triangle on the color wheel.  Different shades and tones were actually used, but it still focuses on that concept.  As you can see below, the colors oddly work together.



The red-orange tinted walls, the yellow-green chairs, and the vibrant blue-violet table top create a triadic color scheme.

Image found via Pinterest

mint walls

Image from Elle Decor of a house in Marrakech…gorgeous, check it out.

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