So, as elated as we were when we found out we were pregnant, we also had an “oh sh*t!” moment.  Half our clothing was being kept in the guest bedroom, which was soon to be transformed into a nursery.  So, we finally had to focus on our room. Our bedroom looked decent in the old […]

Yeah, it only took me seven months to finally reveal this…ready yet?!  Kidding.  A whirlwind Fall season, the addition of a wonderful pup and the fact that we are expecting definitely hindered my opportunities to blog.  But, a new laptop and some fun projects [nursery!] has me itching to share what’s been going on.  So first, here’s […]

Back to the kitchen.  Once we I decided we were going to use brass as a big accent throughout the house, I knew we had to find some good hardware.  It seems like all the interior designers I love out there say, “hardware is jewelry for the kitchen!” And, yes, I agree, but it’s more.  It […]

We just finished the kitchen.  I’m so pumped to share…but it took some quick thinking and a lot of hard work in a short amount of time, so I’ll at least take you through a few of the steps. The first being the back splash tile! I knew we needed it; the small space our […]

House update: the cabinets were totally disassembled, half my cooking supplies were on the dining room table, the basement was barren and weeds were making their way through the garden, it was complete chaos! OK, drama aside, we’ve got so many things done already on the house. I am so excited seeing it all come together!  So far we’ve… […]

When we moved into our house, all I saw was a livable, welcoming space with lots of light and wood floors.  After we looked a little closer, as you now know, there were a few things we needed to change.  This one, the kitchen cabinet color.  I swear, when I first saw them they looked […]

So do you remember when I confessed my love for my Ikea Grundtal mirror here?  When we moved, our bedroom felt way too symmetrical for mirrors above our matching dressers or matching nightstands…too matchy-matchy.  I knew I had to use them somewhere else.  One found an easy home in the basement bathroom.  The other, though, […]